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Customized & Maintenance-Free Aquariums to fit the owner's
style and decor
Design & SetUp

Your Custom Design. ​Our Specialized Set Up.


Aquarium Life Pro is a company that specializes in aquarium set up for residential and business clients.  We install customized tanks that fits the owners' style and decor.  From Saltwater, ReefWater, Brackish & Fresh Water to Built-In-Wall and Designer Fish Tanks of any size, our professionals can help clients design and install the perfect tank for home or office.  We will work together with you to design a custom, unique aquarium of superior quality and performance.  Every design we create aims to provide an experience for our customers that will bring their vision to life.  

Professional Services

Maintenance-Free. ​Year Round.


We provide professional services so that you can enjoy your own maintenance-free aquarium with no hassles, no worries, and no headaches.   Our experts have experience in every aquatic environment.  Whether it's fresh-water planted aquariums or ultra high-end coral reef aquariums, or anything in between, we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and are committed to exceed our clients' expectations in care-free aquariums.  Maintenance is provided on a weekly basis, without delay, to ensure our customers have an aquarium they can truly enjoy, trouble-free for a long time.  

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